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Non-identifying information

Adoptees, birthparents, and siblings should apply for the non-identifying information about the birthmother and birthfather's family, and about the adoptive family.

Adoptees should request a 'photocopy' of the non-identifying information. This will give them a copy of the original documents in their birthmother's own words. This is much better than a retyped copy of the documents which may contain typo's, flowered-up information, some information may be missed, and retyped in the words of the clerk and may only contain what they deem as important, or interesting.

The non-identifying information will give the adoptee the social history of their birthmother and birthfather. It will describe the parents, and siblings, giving their ages, physical description, occupation, health, and will also give the circumstances surrounding the adoption and relationship with the birthfather. Similar social history will be given about the birthfather, if the birthmother named him. The document should also say whether the information was given by the birthmother, or if it was obtained from the birthfather

A social history of the adoptive family will be included in the non-identifying information given to the birthparent and/or sibling. It should also show the day the child was placed with their adoptive parents and if their were other children in the family.

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