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LINKS is a volunteer, non-profit organization, offering support for all members of the triad i.e. adoptee, birthparent, and adoptive parent by providing a free registry and a search service. We also provide support for other relatives who have had family separated by adoption. They are unable to obtain any support or assistance from the Post Adoption Registry of Manitoba so we will include them in our free registry and also offer our search service.

Our goals are: Support - Education - Informing the public - Promoting legislative changes in attitudes, policies, and adoption legislation.

LINKS is kept on-going through the donated time, effort, love, and caring of its members.

The Triad speaks out

IMPORTANT We have over 700 people who have registered with us, but have moved or changed their e-mail address, telephone number, etc. and we are unable to contact them. Many have been reunited but have not advised us of this. We have sent several hundred e-mails to people who have registered, and have not received a reply. If you are one of these people, please contact us to update your information.

To apply for your original birth certificate with your birthmother and birthfather's full name or to receive the adoptee's full adopted name complete this form the form to apply

5,674 records (1,466 REUNITED, 112 FOUND but no contact, 83 CLOSED account unable to locate registrant)

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First Nations children, birthparents and siblings of those adopted in Manitoba or out of Manitoba and Canada, should also register with the following: click here

For a complete list of Child and Family Services Contacts go here


Provinces and Territories who have passed legislation to open past and future adoption records are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland/Labrador, and Yukon. Quebec will open their records in mid 2018. Prince Edward Island is asking for input with the view of opening their law in 2019. This leaves Nova Scotia as the lone holdout in Canada.

  • WINNIPEG: to register with LINKS or to request assistance in doing a search call: Royden at 204-257-4742 or

  • BRANDON: for assistance call Vivian at 204-727-1022 or 204-727-3903 or

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