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There are many different documents that can be searched for records of names, events, etc. Some of these documents are:

Henderson Directories (final issue is 2000):

Millenium Library:

Legislative Library:

Genealogical Society:

Telephone books:

Genealogical Society:

Millenium library:

Legislative Library:


for marriages, birth announcements (chosen one), obituaries Millenium Library for the Winnipeg dailies, and Legislative Library for rural Manitoba newspapers and Winnipeg dailies and weeklies, all on microfilm. They also have some out-of-province papers on microfilm.

Canadian Census Returns (Elizabeth Dafoe Library, U. of M., Provincial Archives, Legislative Library) Census information is only released every 10 years, and is 90 years old. The 1911 Census is now on the internet here

Funeral homes will give you funeral records, in what newspapers obituary placed. Winnipeg Free Press has the obituaries back to September 1999 on the internet.

Cemeteries will give you records if they handled the burial. Brookside, St. Vital and Transcona cemeteries have their records now on the internet at here

Family bibles

Wills - Probate Court, Wordsworth Bldg., Broadway Ave. (wills are public documents)

Books on history of particular areas (Libraries & Genealogical Society)

Lists of tombstone inscriptions (Genealogical Society, not all graveyards in Manitoba are yet completed, almost 1200 out of over 1500)

Land ownership records (rural municipal offices, Land Titles)

City of Winnipeg Assessment Dept. 65 Garry St. 986-2697 for legal description inquiries i.e. owners of an address. Will give over the telephone.

City of Winnipeg Land Surveys & Real Estate Dept. 65 Garry St. 986-5241 for search of titles to properties. $1.00 per search. You look through the records)

Provincial Archives have old maps showing the land description and owners.

Provincial Archives can order in steamship passenger lists up to about 1932 for immigrants. The steamship passenger lists are also on the internet here

Membership records of private clubs (ethnic clubs, Legions, Elks, Moose)

Business directories - Millenium and Legislative libraries

Church records - baptismal records are open, but talks are taking place between the various churches to possibly close them. Do not mention adoption when searching them.

Copies of adoption papers, divorce files - Court of Queen's Bench, Winnipeg, Law Courts Building Main Floor, 408 York Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0P9 registry office phone: (204) 945-0344 fax: (204) 948-2369 also Thompson, The Pas, Dauphin, Portage La Prairie, Brandon, and St. Boniface

Birth certificates - Vital Statistics, 254 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3C 0B6 phone: 204-945-3701 toll free: 1-866-949-9296 fax: 204-948-3128 e-mail:

School records - the Provincial Archives have attendance records on microfilm of most schools in Manitoba dating back to the 1920's, and the Manitoba Historical Society or Manitoba Education Professional Certification and Student Records, Main & Darcy, Russell, MB R0J 1W0 tele: 1-713-2998. They have some school records and Normal school records.

War records - write to Personnel Records Centre, National Archives of Canada, Attn: J. Paveling, Director, 395 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON K1A 0N3, and also search in historical books in libraries, and contact Royal Canadian Legions

Using your birth name, write to the hospital where you were born and ask them to send you a copy of the Certificate of Live Birth. You may be lucky and get it. This document will likely show your mother's name and address. Do not go in person, write a letter.

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