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British Columbia:(OPEN) for all adoptions prior to November 4, 1996. All adoption on or after November 4, 1996 will be open with no non-disclosure veto

* provided a non-disclosure veto has not been issued
** test case authorized disclosure of deceased birthfather's name

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Alberta: (OPEN) for all adoptions effective November 1, 2004

* adoptees age 16 and older may receive identifying information if they are living independently from their guardian. If the adoptee is aboriginal identifying information is available at any age.

to view the Alberta Adoption law

Saskatchewan: (OPEN for all adoption records effective January 1, 2017)

View government publication here

Manitoba: (OPEN for all adoption records effective June 15, 2015)

Ontario: (OPEN for all adoptions effective June 1, 2009)

* unless there is a disclosure veto registered, or if the birthfather did not sign the Birth Registration, even though named by birthmother, his name will not be disclosed
** if the adoptee is born outside of Ontario, but adopted in Ontario they cannot received their birth registration nor can the birthparent obtain the adoptee's adopted name
*** disclosure vetoes are in place until removed by the initiator, or by death, unless that death occurred outside Ontario and is not registered in Ontario, it may remain forever
**** individuals will receive photocopies of the original forms, rather than a summarized version with identifying information removed.

to view the Ontario Adoption law

Quebec: (OPEN June 16, 2018)

to view the Quebec Adoption law

New Brunswick: (OPEN April 1, 2018)

to view the New Brunswick Adoption law (sections 91-94)

Nova Scotia: (CLOSED)

to view the Nova Scotia Adoption law

Prince Edward Island: (OPEN January 31, 2020)

to view the Prince Edward Island Adoption law

Newfoundland and Labrador: (OPEN) (effective April 30, 2003)

* no identifying information will be released if a non-disclosure veto has been filed
** after the death of an adopted person an adult son, daughter, grandchild, or the child's surviving parent may request a search for birth parent, grandparent, adult birth or adopted sibling or relative of the deceased

to view the Newfoundland and Labrador Adoption law

Northwest Territories: (CLOSED)

to apply for information

Nunavut: (CLOSED)

to apply for informationThis law is based on the Northwest Territories Adoption law

Yukon: (OPEN) effective early 2009

* will not be given if disclosure veto in effect, or the conditions of a no-contact declaration has not been agreed upon.

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